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Employee Benefits

In a market place where there is a real war for talent, and the Millennial and Gen Y’s dominating the workplace choose jobs based on what’s in it for them, it is not enough to offer just a pay check. Employees want benefits. And not just free coffee in the tearoom or the occasional team lunch.

To attract and retain people who will grow your business and your success, and who are committed to growing with you, you need to offer something more.

More lifestyle savings that provide your employees with discounted holidays, movie tickets and gift cards. More everyday discounts that allow your employees to save on brand-name products. Employees want a job that comes with genuine lifestyle benefits.

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Employee Engagement

In an ever-challenging business environment, one thing remains. Your employees determine your success.

Companies with highly engaged employees consistently deliver better bottom line results, increased levels of customer service, greater returns to shareholders, fewer safety incidences, lower levels of employee turnover and have happier, healthier employees.

To build a happy and engaged workplace, where your employees love coming to work and love the work they are doing, unite them around company values with a reward and recognition program. Connect them to a common goal. Give their job meaning. Recognise them for their efforts. Reward them for a job well done.

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Customer Acquisition & Retention

With the increasingly high cost of bringing a new customer on board, retaining your best, thanking them for their loyalty and attracting more great customers just like them is vital.

Loyal customers are not only people who pay the bills. They are a crucial part of any business’ growth and ongoing success. Look after them and they will bring more of their business to you. They will help promote your company to those they know, becoming advocates for your brand and attracting more loyal fans. They will help you grow.

You are already delivering great value and exceptional service. You already have a legion of customers who love you. Now give them another reason to stay with you, another benefit for their loyalty.

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What Sets Us Apart

My Savings My Choice

The patented My Savings My Choice allocation process allows those who benefit from our programs – your employees and customers – to save today and choose how to allocate a portion of those savings to future purchases such as next year’s membership, a utility bill, a holiday they are saving up for or a product they have their eye on.

The opportunities are unlimited. And so are the benefits with improved customer acquisition, retention and happy, more satisfied customers.

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5% Credit

On selected products in our shop, we credit back 5% of the purchase price – either directly to your employees and customers, or to you. The 5% Credit is an added incentive to engage your people, encouraging them to put their savings back into your business or chosen products, services or charities. Or you can bank it towards a thank you for their loyalty.

Just another bonus back in your people’s pockets – or a bit extra for you.

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Let the people most important to you choose the rewards most important to them. Vouchers are delivered, ready-to-use straight to your chosen employee or customer. They can spend their voucher while enjoying everyday savings across the huge range of products and services we offer.

Easy to give and simple to use, vouchers are just another way we make it easy to reward those who make your business successful.

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Mobile Friendly

For any program to be successful, it needs to accessible wherever your people are, on-the-go and in the office. Our mobile platform gives your employees and customers access to thousands of lifestyle offers and rewards, supported by the digital membership card for easy redemption of the thousands of ‘show your card and save’ offers available.

That’s real everyday savings and rewards in the palm of your hand.

Find out more about the mobile features here 


Sometimes rewards are better delivered in points. Point-based rewards build loyalty and drive engagement, allowing your people to earn them and bank them, then spend them however they choose.

Our point-based reward and recognition programs help to change behaviour of your people by rewarding them for going above and beyond, with a reward that is above and beyond their expectation.

Find out more about points here

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