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Innovation – Market Leading Employee Benefits Programs

We are constantly innovating and re-inventing to bring new ideas to our clients. From new ways of thinking to technology that sets us apart from the industry, we think differently. We don’t just think outside the box, we see if we can change the shape of the box, turn it over, make something new with it.

Experience – Delivering Employee Benefits Programs

We have been delivering programs to reward and benefit employees for longer than anyone in the industry. We have been helping our clients to attract, engage and retain employees through industry leading employee benefits programs since back in the 80’s – 1980 to be exact.

Quality of our programs and service

With a an extremely strong focus on delivering exceptional service, we take care of the details so you can focus on the results. We know strong relationships will deliver the best value and range for your employees.

Rewarding Employee Benefits, However You Look At It

With thousands of offers across hundreds of brands, our employee benefits programs have rewards to suit everybody.

Tens of Thousands of Members

Highly Regarded Brands

Convenient Access – saving time

Shopping Products

Retail Offers

Attraction Tickets

Travel Offers

Lifestyle Offers

Who We Are

We are a division of the The MEMBERBenefits Group, Australia’s leading reward and benefits program provider. Since 1980 we have been providing Australian organisations with access to lifestyle benefits and shopping discounts. Today, we manage programs covering tens of thousands of Australian members and employees, who continue to enjoy rewards and benefits delivered by the MEMBERBenefits Group.

What We Do

We work with leading Australian companies to help to create loyal, happy and engaged employees employees, acquire and retain clients and improve business results. Recognising that each client is unique, we offer a range of tools designed to help you reward and recognise your most important people.

What Sets Us Apart

We are innovative, agile and flexible. We deliver quality for your people so your people can deliver quality and loyalty for you. Our long-standing supplier relationships enable us to offer the best value rewards and benefits and our exceptional customer service means your people are always in good hands.

Some of the Company We Keep

Our clients are active in and represent a wide range of industries throughout Australia and New Zealand:


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And many, many more