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Reward your employees for their loyalty and improve employee retention and aquisition rates!

Employee Added Extras does just that, by providing your employees with savings and benefits from a range of leading lifestyle products and services. Let them benefit from the choices available — from savings on everyday products to lifestyle discounts on travel, accommodation and experiences.

Full of features to attract and retain, Employee Added Extras gives your employees another reason to remain loyal, and shows just how much you value them. Now that is rewarding.

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Features Your employees will love

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Employee Added Extras is fully mobile compatible across all devices so is accessible in the office, at home or out and about.

Hassle Free

Employee Added Extras is built to give you all the benefits with no hassles. The easy-to-use website makes navigation and online shopping a breeze.

Customised Website

The site can tailored around your company logo, increasing the value your employees place in your brand. Show them your brand, which they already know and trust, while they shop from other brands they know and trust. More comprehensive co-branding is available if desired.

Email Marketing

We can fully support regular promotional emails to remind your employees of the savings and benefits available to them. Featuring new trends, exclusive deals and hot items, these emails keep your employees engaged in the program and informed about what is on offer.

Promotional Material

The program includes communication tailored for your employees from print ready posters to welcome emails welcoming them onboard. We make spreading the Employee Added Extras message easy.


We can provide comprehensive analytic reports at the end of each quarter so you can sure your employees are getting the most from the program. See who is enjoying the rewards and look for ways to increase the benefits.

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